Carlos Mougan

I have a passion for predictive modeling and its implications in society. At the moment I am in the topics of explainable ML and fairness.

I am very fortunate to have been able to pursue these passions at world-class research and public institutions.

I currently am a Marie Curie Research Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate in the NoBias European Innovative Training Network. My research is currently focused on what is actually Explainable ML and how to evaluate it.

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In the past I have been


  • European Central Bank: Statistician - Data Scientist
  • Barcelona SuperComputing Center: Research Assistant (Msc)
  • IIIA - CSIC: Research Assistant (Msc)
  • Deloitte: Robotics Consultant


  • The Alan Turing Institute: Facilitator at Data Study Groups
  • Towards Data Science: Editor Associated
  • Data Science For Social Good and World Resources Institute: Project Scoper/Manager

Machine Learning Achievements